LNS logo.jpgLycoming Nursery School is celebrating over

53 years of preschool education for our children!



June 2021


To all of our parents, students and friends,


Due to the lack of pre-school teachers, it is with great sadness that Lycoming Nursery School might be

closing the school at the end of July 2021


Let’s keep Lycoming Nursery School open next year and beyond!


LNS has been a pre-school for over 53 years and educated thousands of children.   Many, who have attended when they

were small, have now brought their children to our school.


We need teachers who have a degree in Early Childhood Education, their clearances and license.


Please don’t let 2020-2021 be our last year.  We survived the Covid-19 pandemic.  Now, let’s keep the school open.


Send your resume and cover letter to:


Lycoming Nursery School

P.O. Box 4061

Williamsport PA 17701


Thank you,


Lycoming Nursery School Executive Board


We are a fun and caring preschool 

conveniently located at the Lycoming Presbyterian Church

 in the Newberry section of Williamsport.

School Mailing Address:

Lycoming Nursery School
  PO Box 4061
Williamsport, PA 17701

School Phone:  (570)-220-2590

Registrar -  Kristin:  (570)-772-1787

School Email:  lyconurseryschool@gmail.com



Our Mission
     is ...                  
  • to encourage and develop social skills in our preschool children
  • to serve as a bridge from home to formal education 
  • to help our children pass from a self-centered environment at home to a more realistic social setting 
  • to teach and develop the basic readiness skills and concepts needed to master the subject matter taught in succeeding school years through:
art, music, creative play, physical activities, and
 social interaction

We emphasize development of a positive self-image in each child who attends

 Lycoming Nursery School.

Established in September 1968, we are currently celebrating our 52nd year.

Lycoming Nursery School is a corporate body incorporated under the 

Act of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 

certified by the Department of Education of the State of Pennsylvania.

No child shall be denied access on account of race, religion, sex or national origin. 

 Students with disabilities will not be denied admission to LNS 

as long as their special needs can be met with safety within our physical facility.